Swithland Assure Cloud Based Fire Alarm Management



Event notification can be sent via email and SMS Messaging to any number of recipients as determined by event type ie Pre Alarm, Fire, Fault, Isolation, Disablement etc. Each event notification details the event action the associated control panel descriptive labels and protocol data.

Notifications are processed and immediately sent to the recipient.


SMS messaging is sent via the Swithland Systems cellular network portal bypassing the normal consumer SMS send path ensuring immediate delivery to the recipient's cellular network. Swithland Systems can simultaneously send very large quantities of SMS Messages to multiple recipients. Managers can predefine the content of SMS Messages to suit the application.

Users of the system are provided with permissions that define which fire alarm systems can be viewed, which reports can be generated and which notifications are to be received.

Swithland Systems can also be provided as a fully administered platform with options for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting. These reports can be correlated to suit the individual's requirement and issued to the recipient for review and further action.