Swithland Assure Cloud Based Fire Alarm Management



Swithland Assure is compatible with most analogue addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels either through intelligent 3rd party communications protocol (BIT) or through the printer port (ASCII). The amount and complexity of the data differs across the various panels and protocols. Swithland Assure supports both Stand Alone and Networked Fire Systems.

Swithland Assure is a non-invasive addition to the Fire Alarm Control Panel communications or printer port. The Fire Alarm System functionality is unaffected by the inclusion of Swithland Assure.

Most Fire Alarm Control Panels have limited internal memory to log activity and historical events. Swithland Assure's activity log is infinite; enabling reports to be generated at any time using flexible search criteria.

Data is stored and served from Swithland Systems hosted secure server. Robust technology with instant automatic failover and redundant SAN storage provides 99.99% availability. Frequent backups of data are made automatically to two dedicated servers located in different continents of the world.