Swithland Systems

Swithland actively provides specialised consulting servies in the field of Fire Detection and Suppression Engineering.

We are committed to providing Life Safety solutions of the highest standards where quality and levels of service are key in achieving and meeting the requirements of our customers.

It is Swithland's policy to provide Professional and Timely Engineered assistance in meeting the needs of the customer in respect of protecting Life and Property from Fire. Swithland can provide services both throughout the UK and overseas as the project demands and is supported by Head office operations based centrally in the Midlands.

As an independent Fire Engineering Consultancy we are able to offer unbiased and honest advice on all aspects of Fire Engineering for both existing and new Fire Detection and Suppression Systems. For new systems we provide assistance throughout any stage from Conception to Completion.

Swithland further provides for the production and publication of Fire Strategy Documents resulting from consultation with fellow professionals on perceived risks of particular types of Fires and the systems that are needed to control them.

Our experience and expertise will ensure that any works relating to the Fire Detection and Suppression System are in accordance with the current Codes of Practice and Industry Standards.

In addition Swithland also provides Fire Risk Assessments of properties to establish those factors that equate to the likelihood and consequences of a Fire. Fire Risk Assessments are a requirement of Law as governed by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and in accordance of which, Swithland can provide a full and detailed assessment thereby mitigating your exposure to Risk.